Getting a Good Vocal Sound in a Home Studio

Getting a good vocal sound in a home studio doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Here are my tips to help you get better vocals on your recordings. 1. Picking a Mic Don’t worry too much if your mic choices are limited. Use what you have available. If you have a selection of mics, […]

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Miking a Drum Kit – Part 3: Mid-Side

The mid-side recording technique for drums only requires two mics and can be a great way to capture a recording which can then be widened at the time of mixing and is also mono compatible. For this technique, you will require an ordinary cardioid condenser mic and a figure-8 pattern condenser – your best bet is probably using […]

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Miking a Drum Kit – Part 2: Just Overheads

It’s often the case that mics are limited in number within a band’s available gear. So if you’re limited by the number of mics, your budget or just the amount of channels in your mixer, you might want to consider miking the kit with just a pair of overheads. Overheads capture the sound of the whole kit […]

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Running a band successfully 

I’ve been in various bands over the years. Some have been chaotic and difficult and some have been highly organised. Here’s what I’ve learned about the most productive ways to run a band. Run it like a business Chances are you’d like to make at least a little bit of money from your band. Even […]

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Using Drum Triggers to Replace Mics

  If you don’t know what drum triggers are, they’re a small sensor device that clips onto the side of a drum to sense the vibration of the drum head when it’s struck. They translate that sensory information into MIDI which can then be used to trigger samples, patterns, backing tracks, virtual instruments etc. Many drummers […]

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Miking a Drum Kit – Part 1: The Full Monty

Pretty much anyone could mic a kit by just throwing mics up in what appear to be sensible places. But it’s good to have a few methods up your sleeve for when your mic or mixer channel resources are limited. So I’ve written a series of posts on micing a kit, covering several scenarios and […]

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