Music Production

Sam Baly is a UK music producer working with acoustic, indie and rock bands and solo artists.

Music Production

A multi-instrumentalist, Sam has a keen ear and has fronted several bands over the past 15 years as a lead vocalist and guitarist and is able to coach performance, songwriting and arrangement as well as fulfilling his role as a producer, recording engineer or mixing and mastering engineer.

His approach to production brings the best out of every performer. Sam’s relaxed and charismatic personality breeds an infectious enthusiasm for creativity.

Sam is available to work with you at the venue of your choice, and can work remotely for mixing and mastering.

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Sam works with solo musicians or bands covering rock, indie, pop, alternative, funk, blues, roots, americana and folk music styles.

Live or multi-track recording | Mixing and mastering in-the-box

“My approach is to first understand the vision of the artist and to help them discover and articulate it if they don’t know what that is yet. My role as a producer is to get the best from people – to help them to make the best music they can make. It really isn’t about me, but I also consider myself to be part of the band whilst I’m working with the artist – it’s a collaboration – we’re creating something together.”