Sam Baly is a UK based creative who provides professional music production and web consultancy services globally. Whether in his capacity as a producer or web consultant, his expert and friendly approach results in effective collaboration and consistent quality.

Background // Music and Audio Production

Sam has been fascinated by music technology from a very early age and has been fortunate enough to have access to the equipment to enable him to continually hone his craft. Sam studied Music Technology and New Media at college and has been working with musicians and bands ever since.

A multi-instrumentalist, Sam has a keen ear and has fronted several bands over the past 15 years as a lead vocalist and guitarist and is able to coach performance, songwriting and arrangement as well as fulfilling his role as a producer, recording engineer or mixing engineer.

Sam’s approach to production brings the best out of every performer. He is a relaxed and engaging person whose enthusiasm for creativity is infectious.

Background // Web Consultancy

With an education in Computing & Information Systems and New Media, Sam helped to found the UK’s leading churches and charities Web service provider UKC in 2004 alongside business partner Nigel Ipinson-Fleming, formerly of the Stone Roses and OMD.

Responsible for hundreds of websites, Sam’s experience with project management is extensive and as the creator of the designs used for clients at UKC over 12 years, Sam’s technical knowledge of WordPress, web design and coding makes him a versatile developer who is equally happy in project management or zoomed in at greater levels of detail.

What clients say

Sam was everything you’d want a producer/engineer/mix wizard to be. He totally understood what I wanted from the song and managed to dress the song perfectly in all the right places. One of the most rewarding aspects was having a bit of input into my songwriting which did more for me than almost anyone has ever done.

Sam Eason

Sam is a gifted musician as well as engineer. He has a fantastic ear and great intuition for music production. I’ve been delighted with the results we’ve had recording and mixing together.

Nigel Ipinson-Fleming
OMD, The Stone Roses

You really know your stuff…I learn something every time I use your services. Thanks for the mastering work and mixing pointers – I didn’t realise mastering could make such a difference. I’ll be recommending you to everyone!

Stephen Caudwell
Via Statale

Really like the sound, much more crisp and clean. This has been an enjoyable process. You seemed to nail the sound I’m going for without me having to say too much.

I’ve liked everything I’ve heard so far, definitely sounds more polished. You may be my new mastering guy!

Matthew Morgan Music