3804640A few months  ago I was lucky to see Scott Matthews in the Colston Hall in Bristol, which in itself is a great experience, but I was treated to another great act that evening in the form of singer-songwriter Sam Eason, whose songs are poignant, personal and intelligently composed. I thought I’d try my luck at asking him to come and record with me, and he agreed, so here we are in June and I’ve just finished working on our first song together. It’s called Leave the Dark Low.

Sam wanted to flesh the song out and add some more instruments to the arrangement to see what it would be like with a full band production, so we added drums, bass, some electric guitar parts and even some cello to the original acoustic guitar parts. This all gets going around verse 3 so listen to the whole song to get the full effect!

You can listen to our efforts here… Enjoy!


If you’re thinking of getting some of your own songs recorded, whether you’re a solo or duo or a band, feel free to get in touch; I’d be delighted to discuss your project. Sam also wrote a glowing blog post about his experience working with Dacoda Studio.