Live Sound

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I regularly work as the sound engineer for my own band and am well experienced with live sound for small – medium size venues.  If you need an engineer for your band, here is what I can provide:

  • I can use my own Presonus StudioLive digital mixing desk to provide a live mix, FX mix, and monitor mixes for up to 6 performers.
  • Band members with iPhones or iPads can control their own monitor mixes throughout the performance using free apps.
  • Monitor and adjust sound throughout your gig.
  • Record your live gig to multitrack (and mix it for you after the show if required).
  • Operate DJ software / playlists to start and stop with your sets.
  • Evaluate and apply EQ to compensate for the room your performance is in using a reference mic and SMAART software.
  • Help set up and tear down PA and monitoring speakers.

Please note – I don’t provide PA systems – you will be responsible for sourcing and supplying your own PA speakers and cables, mic stands etc, (I provide the digital desk).

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Get Your Performances Sounding as They Should!