Mixing Engineer

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You’ve recorded your songs and you’re pretty sure you did a good job, but when it comes to mixing, it’s just not sounding professional and try as you might, you just can’t seem to get it to sound right.

Sound familiar?

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With the relative affordability of recording gear, it’s now pretty easy to record and mix your own music. However, recording and mixing are arts that require a lot of experience to get professional sounding results.

Mixing requires a certain level of expertise, experience and equipment to ensure a market-ready product. If you don’t have sufficient monitoring and the acoustic environment to mix, it’s difficult to create a mix that will sound good on the majority of speakers in the real world. Mixing services like mine combine the necessary acoustically neutral space, with the equipment, software, experience, and the ear to make a great mix.


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I specialise in mixing all music styles that use acoustic or electric instruments. That’s pretty much everything with the exception of EDM, rap, R&B etc. I see the coming together of a mixing artist and a musician or band as a collaborative artistic endeavour – we’ll be making something together. I think this is a more helpful analogy than that of simply service provider and client, although I always try to accommodate my clients’ preferences as a priority.


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Approach & Process

My goal with every new project I work on is to maximise the potential of the artist. This means I will consult and produce to a degree as well as simply mixing your work. I’ll always defer to the artist of course.

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Reference Tracks

To begin, I’ll request a reference track or two from you and get a clear idea of how you want your recording to sound when finished. It’s important to note that the recording dictates the majority of the quality of the work. If you have a dreadful recording, I will be able to improve it to a degree, but it will never sound great! Likewise, if your recording was done well, I’ll be able to make it even better.

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Audio Editing

I expect recordings I receive to already be edited and ready for mixing. Likewise with tuning, so editing is not included in the standard price for mixing, but I can edit your tracks upon request which will be charged for separately.

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Mixing Process

> Balance and pan the song’s tracks
> Add EQ and compression and other tools as needed.
> Add effects such as reverb, delay and saturation etc as required.
> Automation.

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Finished Tracks

> An MP3 or watermarked WAV preview for you to check each mix.
> 1 revision per song is included.
> non-limited mix master
> non-limited backing track
> non-limited a capella track
> Mastered versions of the above tracks if ordered.



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Turnaround Time

There are several factors that influence how long each song takes to mix:

  • The number of tracks in the song
  • The degree of production required
  • The amount of time it takes to communicate back and forth

Given average values for all of the above, a song can take 1-3 days to turn around including revisions and mastering. So it’s possible to have an EP mixed within 2 weeks and an album within a month. Although this is highly dependant on the time it takes to share feedback back and forth.

More information on mixing can be found in the FAQ


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Give Your Music the Mix it Deserves!